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Mobile Sawmill Services &
Bespoke Timber Furniture

Mobile Sawmill Services & Bespoke Timber Furniture

Mobile sawmill services from Amber Tree Care mean that clients have many more options for the removal or reuse of the timber felled as part of tree removal operations. The team are capable of processing timber into usable planks, suitable for a range of uses including building and bespoke furniture building.

Mobile Sawmill &
Timber Furniture Services

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Mobile Sawmill Services In The Highlands

Mobile sawmill services allow felled trees to be recycled into beautiful statement pieces that will stand the test of time. Clients are often surprised to see the quality and unique grain of the wood felled on their property and are keen to retain this as a feature for their home or garden. Milled timber is also suitable for other projects and hobbies and makes an excellent, natural and one-of-a-kind material for use in a variety of applications.

Bespoke Timber Furniture

Amber Tree Care offers clients the opportunity to turn trees felled on their property a feature of their home or garden with bespoke timber furniture building. Felled trees often yield very high quality timber with unique features and grain, perfect for making a statement with a bespoke piece for your home, garden or commercial premises. 

Emergency Tree Work

Amber Tree Care’s team is qualified to conduct emergency tree work operations and will respond to emergency tree work enquiries in the Highland area as soon as possible.

Trees can become damaged as a result of extreme weather, impact from vehicles or simply from age and disease. Where a tree has become dangerous and is impacting the safety of people and property in the surrounding area it is important to assess this quickly and carry out emergency works to either make safe or take down the tree. Where a tree has been downed and is causing disruption to surrounding infrastructure such as roads it will be necessary to section the tree to make it more manageable and remove both the tree and any other debris.

If you are concerned that a tree has become dangerous please get in touch with the team who will be able to advise and assist on 07500 520 975.

Caring For Your Property

The team understands that property owners may have concerns that any tree work may cause damage to lawns, grounds, buildings or surrounding foliage. As a professional, qualified Highland tree care company we always make safety and care for property our main priority. Our qualified tree surgeons conduct all tree work in the safest and least disruptive way possible, using traditional techniques such as rope work to limit the need for heavy machinery or access equipment and use specialist materials to protect the ground.

Reliable & Professional Inverness Tree Surgeons

Trust Amber Tree Care to look after all of your tree surgery, felling and removal needs in Nairn, Inverness and the wider Highlands. Need a quick tree surgeon call out or just need a quote? Just use our convenient form to tell us about your tree surgery needs.

A Safe And Reliable Service

Amber Tree Care holds full public liability insurance and is subject to strict health, safety and risk assessment procedures. Every member of our professional tree surgeon team holds an NPTC qualification and is fully certified to carry out tree work safely and reliably.

Flexible Tree Surgeon

The team will work with you to ensure that all work is carried out at a time that suits your schedule and within agreed lead times. Amber Tree Care has years of experience working with both domestic and commercial clients and can arrange for all tree surgeon work to be completed within a specified time such as a shutdown period.