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If you require expert tree services in Dingwall, Amber Tree Care is your answer. Mike Henry and his team of qualified arborists and tree surgeons have been supplying the Dingwall area with professional services since 2004. The Amber Tree Care team offer a wide selection of tree surgery, milling and clearance services to clients in and around the Highlands.

You can feel secure with Amber Tree Care on hand to address your individual needs while maintaining a safe work environment at all times. Whether you are a private homeowner or commercial business of any size, Amber Tree Care can provide tree evaluations and clearances for you.

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Expert Tree Surgery In Dingwall

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Since starting in 2004, Amber Tree Care has ensured its customers’ satisfaction by providing top-quality tree surgeries throughout the Highlands and Moray. Our qualified team in Dingwall are trained to make assessments of tree health and will consequently suggest the most suitable course of action for tree care, maintenance or, if necessary, tree clearance.

Expert Tree Clearance In Dingwall

Our fully qualified team of tree surgeons work with a variety of clients in Dingwall – from private homeowners to businesses, estates to emergency service providers, and property developers to local authorities. The Amber Tree Care team are fully trained to examine tree health on your property and can advise on suitable procedures for healing and repair. Alternatively, clearance services can be arranged in Dingwall when necessary.

Tree Surgery Dingwall

Dingwall Tree Surgery

Amber Tree Care is an expert tree surgeon company operating in and around the Highlands. In addition to tree care and clearance, we offer mobile sawmill services which caters for the reuse of timber from your property. With quality equipment and a skilled team of traditional tree surgeons at our disposal, Amber Tree Care can safely, yet efficiently, perform the necessary tree care you require in Dingwall.

Tree Felling In Dingwall

To provide additional options to our clients, felled timber from your property can be transformed for an array of home and garden building projects. Amber Tree Care can comprehensively assess, clear, fell, and repurpose your trees in and around Dingwall. Whether you would like to repurpose your timber as firewood, logs, or planks, our expert team can cater to your specific needs. The unique attributes of different timbers offer an abundance of opportunities to enhance your home or garden.

Tree Surgery Dingwall