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Since 2004, Mike Henry and his team of qualified arborists and tree surgeons have travelled across the Highlands and Moray to provide top-quality tree services to a wide range of clients. Such services as tree surgery, clearance, and milling are available whether you own private property or require tree services to fulfil your work or business needs.

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Expert Tree Surgery In Forres

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With years of experience and training, Mike and the team at Amber Tree Care are well qualified to provide the tree services you require in Forres. If you are interested in finding out more, contact our team today to arrange a consultation with an expert tree surgeon.

Expert Tree Clearance In Forres

Amber Tree Care will ensure that trees are removed safely from any property. With a variety of expert equipment on hand, and a wealth of tree knowledge, our team can perform the tree removals you seek with confidence. Our well-organised Forres team will work to limit any disruption for you and your property to make your experience as stress free as possible.

Tree Surgeon Forres

Forres Tree Surgery

As one of the leading providers of tree surgery in the Highland area, Amber Tree Care will be sure to offer you excellent tree solutions. With expertise in arboriculture and tree operations our team are thoroughly qualified to evaluate the condition of your trees. After evaluation, the team can guide you towards the best course of action for the repair or removal of your trees. Where removal is required, Amber Tree Care offer a mobile sawmill which can repurpose the timber felled on your property.

Tree Felling In Forres

Amber Tree Care’s team make every effort to maintain safety when felling trees on your property. Once trees are felled, timber can be removed from your property or milled to suit your needs. Clients can choose to have their trees transformed into planks for use in their own home or garden. Building projects such as furniture or fences could be made possible with lumber from your own property.

Tree Surgery Forres