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Operating in the Highlands and Moray since 2004, Amber Tree Care offers its clients a variety of tree care, clearance, and mobile sawmill services. With a team of fully trained arborists and tree surgeons ready to meet you in Ullapool, do not hesitate to contact our helpful team for more information or to book a consultation.

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Expert Tree Surgery In Ullapool

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Throughout our 17 years of operation across the Highlands and Moray, Amber Tree Care has gained a reputation for safe and efficient tree service provision. Customers can feel assured that the best service will be recommended for the trees on their property after our arborists evaluate their condition. Whether your trees require care treatments to bring the life back into them, or need urgent removal to prevent obstructions, our surgeons will carry out the job safely and with minimal disturbance.

Expert Tree Clearance In Ullapool

When removing trees for private or commercial clients in Ullapool, Amber Tree Care will select the appropriate equipment and tree surgery methods for your job. By planning ahead for tree removals, the team can guarantee the safety and satisfaction you are looking for from your contractors. Previous clients who have received expert tree clearance services from Amber Tree Care include local emergency services, real estate development, infrastructure representatives, estates, and residential homeowners.

Tree Surgeon Ullapool

Ullapool Tree Surgery

As well as evaluating your trees and offering repair or clearance services accordingly, Amber Tree Care are able to bring sawmill services to you in Ullapool. The opportunity to mill the felled timber from your property makes is great for giving your obtrusive or dying trees a second life as building material.

Tree Felling In Ullapool

When trees are cleared on your property, Amber Tree Care offer you the opportunity to keep your felled timber and give it a new purpose. Recycling timber by milling it into planks or logs allows clients to fulfil their building projects with a bold statement material. Timber can also be cut and stored for fuelling your fireplaces year round.

Tree Surgeon Ullapool